Primers and Sealers



Adflex WBE

Adflex WBE combines excellent adhesion and toughness of Epoxy resins with the eased of application of water based systems. This product is used as a waterproofing barrier, providing protection in a number of instances. Data sheet for Adflex WBE (PDF, 237Kb)


Adflex WBP

Adflex WBP is a general purpose water based primer. This single part product makes application suitable for all workgroups experienced of inexperienced. WBP seals and prepares surfaces in order to maximise bond strength between the substrate and the water-based membrane/coating. Data sheet for Adflex WBP (PDF, 308Kb)



Aquatuff is a water based polyurethane, one part system that offers a non-flammable, durable and chemical resistant protective coating. Aquatuff provides ease of application and excellent adhesion properties suitable for warehouses, car parks and food processing areas. Data sheet for Aquatuff – Application Instructions (PDF, 332Kb) Data sheet for Aquatuff PU (PDF, 332Kb) Data sheet for Aquatuff (PDF, 226Kb)



Clearseal is a water based sealer formulated specifically for the use as a concrete masonry sealer that dries to a clear finish. This product provides excellent waterproofing and weather resistance whilst creating an excellent finish. Data sheet for Clearseal (PDF, 206Kb)



Colorseal is a water based sealer formulated specifically for the use as a concrete and masonry sealer. Colorseal provides excellent waterproofing and weather resistance when applied of brick, terrazzo, slate and other interior and exterior surfaces. Data sheet for Colorseal (PDF, 206Kb)



Guardseal provides an economical, hard wearing surface finish to new or old concrete and masonry surfaces. A combination of medium to hard thermoplastic copolymer resins formulates with a special blend of aromatic solvents make this product extremely durable and resistant to weathering, UV damage, water, alkalis and mild chemicals. Guardseal is perfect for protecting surfaces while making cleaning and maintaining a breeze. Data sheet for Guardseal 2 Pack – Jan 09 (PDF, 214Kb) Data sheet for Guardseal 2 Pack (PDF, 14Kb) Data sheet for Guardseal (PDF, 317Kb)



Polybond is a fast drying single component polyuria modified resin based, primer that penetrates and seals cementitious, masonry, plywood and other surfaces. Polybond provides excellent adhesion properties, water resistance and minimises outgassing effects of porous substances. Data sheet for Polybond (PDF, 339Kb)



Trubond is a single pack, low viscosity resin solution containing hydrocarbon solvents. The purpose of Trubond is to prime porous and friable surfaces and to promote optimal adhesion and subsequent coats of Adflex membrane. Data sheet for Trubond (PDF, 225Kb)


Rimseal PU 25

Pu 25 is a low modulus, one component and Class A polyurethane sealant. It has excellent resistance to normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, atmospheric contamination and pollution. Data sheet for Rimseal PU 25 (PDF, 340Kb)


Rimseal PU 40R

Rimseal PU 40R is a high performance Rapid curing single component polyurethane sealant. When cured it will form a tough flexible seal and bond capable of cyclic expansion and compression movement. Joints or fabrications formed with his sealant can be expected to extend and compress a total of 50% of original dimensions. Data Sheets for Rimseal PU 40R (PDF, 476 Kb)