Protective Coatings

Formula 11

Formula 11 is a specialized penetrating and protective sealer based on silane and solution copolymer acrylic technology. Formula 11 highlights the natural colour of masonry surfaces but does not produce a glossy surface coating.Data Sheet for Formula 11 (PDF, 462Kb)



CLEAR SEAL is a water based sealer formulated specifically for the use as a concrete and masonry sealer that dries to a clear finish. It is non-yellowing, non-staining and environmentally friendly. Data sheet for Clearseal (PDF, 206Kb)



GUARDSEAL is a combination of medium to hard thermoplastic copolymer resins formulated with a special blend of aromatic solvents. GUARDSEAL if fast drying, has excellent resistance to water, alkalis, mild chemicals, rubber migration and excellent weathering and UV resistance. Data sheet for Guardseal 2 Pack – Jan 09 (PDF, 214Kb) Data sheet for Guardseal 2 Pack (PDF, 14Kb) Data sheet for Guardseal (PDF, 317Kb)


Roof Coatings


Enviroshield Thermal Barrier

Enviroshield is a ‘paint on’ flexible insulation coating providing an excellent radiant reflectivity and emissive properties. The ceramic microcell technology incorporated in the Adflex – Thermal Barrier Coating functions much the same way as the ceramic tiles used on the space shuttle. Data sheet for Enviro Shield – Application Instructions (PDF, 203Kb)



Rooftop is a protective roofing membrane coating that has excellent durability and is resistant to solvents. Suitable for use on fibro, concrete tile and galvanised iron roofs. Data Sheet for Rooftop (PDF, 247Kb)


Adflex A.R.M

ADFLEX A.R.M. is a high build membrane coating formulated from premium grade Australian made acrylic emulsions and exhibits superior qualities of durability, cohesive strength, flexibility and water and weather resistance. Unlike other hard decorative surface finishes or interior coatings based on cheaper grades of emulsions, either heavily filled or low in volume solids, ADFLEX A.R.M. provides long life flexible protection with long lasting UV resistance. Data Sheet for A.R.M (PDF, 339 Kb)