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Adflex MSP

Adflex MSP form a protective coating over the surface to which it is applied. It is exceptionally durable, head-wearing, skid resistant and unaffected by temperature extremes.  Adflex MSP is suitable for use on a variety of solid internal and external surfaces including concrete, concrete blocks, steel, timber, fibre cement, polystyrene, glass, etc. Data sheet for Adflex MSP (PDF, 330Kb)


Rimseal NO VOC

Rimseal MS140 NO VOC is a revolutionary single component self-levelling waterproof membrane coating based on the latest silane/hybrid polymer technology. Rimseal MS140 NO VOC is highly elastic, has excellent UV resistance and is impermeable to water.Data Sheet for Rimseal No Voc (PDF, 362Kb)


Rimseal WaterStop SI 1000

Rimseal WaterStop SI 1000 is a single component, ultra-low viscosity, polyurethane based resin with hydrophilic properties. Rimseal SI 1000 provides a rapid solution against the ingress of water in a number of situations, this include but are not limited to, defective concrete pipe, leaks in underground structures, brick construction and Waste water tanks. Data sheet for Rimseal Waterstop SI 1000 (PDF, 367Kb)


Rimseal Waterstop SI 3000

Rimseal SI 3000 rapidly reacts with water to form soft, open cell foam of high density. Unlike other foams this product does not turn yellow or discolour when exposed to the elements. This product is a simple single component system with rapid expansion rates, its high elasticity makes this product suitable in preventing the ingress of water in situations subject to movement. Data sheet for Rimseal Waterstop SI 3000 (PDF, 368Kb)



Resurfacer is a condition compound manufactured from 100% acrylic resins fortified with specially selected reinforcing fibres, powders and aggregate fillers. The purpose of this product is to fill voids and depressions in asphalt and it is also useful for resurfacing rain damaged or pitted concrete substrates.Data Sheet for Resurfacer (PDF, 441Kb)



Adflex MSP F is a two component cement modified elastomeric waterproofing membrane specifically formulated for situations requiring increased resistance to mechanical damage and faster drying. MSP F complies with Green star requirements, while never jeopardising the integrity of the product.


Mould Kill

Mould Kill is a highly effective low toxicity bacterial, fungal and algal wash.  Mould kill kills all known film spoilage species. Typically used as a pre-treatment to painting, to kill and remove mould and mildew.Data Sheet for Mould Kill (PDF, 309Kb)