Waterproofing Products


Adflex ARM

Adflex ARM is a decorative and functional waterproofing membrane that protects structures against environmental elements. Its seamlessness & flexibility makes this product like no other on the market. Data sheet for Adflex A.R.M (PDF, 340Kb)


Adflex MSP

Adflex MSP is a two pack product which combines exceptional durability to bring you a protective waterproofing coating that "does it all". Data sheet for Adflex MSP (PDF, 330Kb)


Adflex WAM FR

Adflex WAM FR is a fibre reinforced single component liquid membrane formulates on scientifically advances elastomeric copolymer emulsion specifically for use as a rapid drying Wet Area Membrane with outstanding waterproofing properties. Data sheet for Adflex WAM FR (PDF, 364Kb)


Crystal Crete

A permanent protection and waterproofing product for concrete and masonry. Non-soluble crystals form in the water bearing capillaries and effectively block them to the passage of water. Crystal Crete provides a fast permanent and economical solution to these problems. Data Sheet for Crystal Crete (PDF, 419Kb)


Enviro WAM

Enviro WAM is a single component liquid membrane formulated on scientifically advanced elastomeric copolymer emulsions specifically for use as a rapid drying Wet Area Membrane. Data sheet for Enviro WAM (PDF, 340Kb)

Rimseal 170

Rimseal 170

Rimseal 170 is a single component low viscosity, self-levelling, liquid polyurethane polymer. This product is fast curing, has excellent adhesion and has high permanent flexibility. Data Sheet for Rimseal PU170 (PDF 360kb)


Rimseal 170R

Rimseal PU 170R is a one component high viscosity rollable, liquid polyurethane which cures to form a tough and permanently flexible waterproof membrane. This product is a single application system and boasts excellent chemical resistance and permanent flexibility suitable for roofs and decks and other external and internal areas. Data sheet for Rimseal 170R (PDF, 362Kb)



Rimspray is the group name of a selective range of ultra-high performance polyurea based protective coatings. Rimspray protective coatings are purpose formulated to provide the qualities of extreme durability, low to zero VOC, chemical resistance be UV stable and typically two- component systems to provide the benefit of rapid to instant cure. Data sheet for Rimspray (PDF, 416Kb)


Waterproofing Remedial


Waterstop SI 1000

Rimseal 1000 is a single component, ultra-low viscosity, polyurethane based resin with Hydrophilic properties. Rimseal 1000 rapidly reacts with water to form soft, open cell foam of high density. The reacted foam becomes highly elastic, rubber-like, and has strong adhesive strength to wet surfaces. Data sheet for Rimseal Waterstop SI 1000 (PDF, 367Kb)


Waterstop SI 3000

Rimseal 3000 rapidly reacts with water to form soft, open cell foam of high density, Flexible foam. Unlike other foams this product does not turn yellow or discolour when exposed to the elements. Rimseal 3000 has a slower reaction time than the 1000 grade. Also adheres to wet substrates. Data sheet for Rimseal Waterstop SI 3000 (PDF, 368Kb)


Rimseal SP 2010

Rimseal SP is a high performance hydrophilic rubber water stop specifically designed for salt water that expands to 250% of its volume. The moisture inducted expansion of the rubber creates a compression seal against the face of the concrete joint to prevent water entry. Data sheet for Rimseal SP 2010 (PDF, 273Kb)


Rimseal SR 2510

Rimseal SR is a self-adhesive hydrophilic butyl rubber stop. Expansion of the strip, when contacted by water will create a positive seal against the face of the concrete joint and prevents the water entry into the structure through the protected joint. Data sheet for Rimseal SR 2510 (PDF, 259Kb)


Waterproofing Sheet Membranes

Self Stick

Self Dan PE Plus is a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing sheet. Composed of a self-adhesive bitumen with an upper surface finish of a cross laminated polyethylene film (HDPE) used as a reinforcement and a lower surface finish of self-adhesive polyethylene film. Data sheet for Self Stick PE Plus (PDF, 334Kb)



A unique, multi-layered composite sheet membrane, composed of a high density polyethylene structural layer, an aggressive reactive adhesive and a trafficable weather resistant protective granular layer.Data Sheet for Rimproof (PDF, 215KB)

Adflex RW

Adflex RW

Adflex RW is a single part cold applied, high build water based bitumen compound. Formulated specially as a safe, easy to use economical waterproofing barrier and anticorrosion coating. For the protection of concrete, masonry, steel and wooden structures. Particularly suitable for buried, immersed or wet conditions. Adflex RW may be painted with water based acrylic paints.